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Effective learning opportunities to enrich your child's mind
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Let’s Be a Kid is leading the way for quality Early Childhood Education in Virginia. Offering curriculums that expand beyond the traditional classrooms, Let’s Be a Kid aims to teach literacy, cognitive, and comprehension skills by utilizing theory-based curriculums and strategies that are recognized and promoted by the Virginia Dept. of Education, Virginia Quality, and the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation.

Let’s Be a Kid aims to deliver quality learning that will help children become future-ready and prepare for advanced learning. We provide equitable learning opportunities that engage students to help them master developmental skills. Moreover, we strive to provide all children with proper guidance and support to prepare them for school and beyond.

We have maintained a strong presence in the community based on years of services, our reputation, our convenient location, and our scheduling accommodations for working families. We seek to exceed the expectations of families that desire high-quality and responsive child care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a profound impact on the lives of all children by providing equitable learning opportunities and promoting curiosity.

Our Vision

We envision Let’s Be a Kid being among the first to encompass unique designs that specifically meet the developmental goals of each child.

Our Goals

To create and maintain equitable learning opportunities for children in and around our community and to build relationships that encourage positive attitudes and healthy lifestyles.

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